The inventor of the preparation wonder “Imunofan” Prof. Vasiliy Lebedev


василий-лебедев1The inventor of the preparation wonder “Imunofan” Prof. Vasiliy Lebedev: STAY PREPARED FOR OUR NEXT SURPRISE

Prof. Vasily Lebedev is a medical luminary, author of the unique preparation “Imunofan”. It is a preparation, a real shield and sword for the human body. It simultaneously strengthens the immune system and helps fight various serious diseases – from cancer to psoriasis, hepatitis B and C, urological and gynecological diseases, persistent infections. The list of diseases is endless and sounds incredible, but satisfied with the whole world have already personally convinced themselves of its miraculous effect. This is a preparation discovered completely by accident after a laboratory error.

The employees of the Federal Security Service, the successor to the KGB, were the first to take advantage of Prof. Lebedev’s preparation. The magic preparation not only helps the special forces to remain calm during complex operations, but then also relieves them of post-traumatic stress.

For his achievements Prof. Lebedev was awarded the State Prize of Russia, and in 2008. was also nominated for the Nobel Prize. In front of us he tells not only about his amazing IMUNOFAN, but also about the surprise that lies ahead.

– Prof. Lebedev, before you explain what Imunofan is, tell us about yourself, about your family.

– I was born in Moscow – a fourth generation Muscovite. My ancestors were famous entrepreneurs and Old Believers (a religious movement from the seventeenth century in Russia – b.a.). Their success in business was due, among other things, to the sense of camaraderie among the strovers. Their affairs went well, but unfortunately in 1917 the revolution came and all their property was lost. Part of it was looted, another part burned. My great-grandfather had 7 sons, of whom only two survive. One of them was a famous scientist-engineer and was involved in creating a cable connection in those days – in the beginning of Soviet power. My other grandfather was a prisoner of war in Austria-Hungary during the First World War. He was a remarkable person, but he was seriously ill. My father Vyacheslav Lebedev was a doctor, a neurosurgeon. He is a very famous name and students still study from his textbooks. He has prepared over 20 doctors of science, has numerous publications, books, was a very active person. He has always been an example to me, I wanted to look like him. However, I took a different path – experimental medicine and biology.

– Explain, if possible in simple and accessible language, how Imunofan works?

– When we have a breakdown of the immune system for various reasons – huge stress or exposure to chemicals, then we are attacked by serious diseases, including cancer. To prevent this, preparations that modulate / normalize immunity should be taken. Imunofan has a wide range of effects, which is concentrated in several main areas – correction of the immune system, restores the balance of redox processes in the body, deactivates free radicals and suppresses negative drug effects at the cellular level.

– Can your preparation cure cancer?

– Imunofan is rapidly broken down into its constituent natural amino acids. This increases the production of antioxidant proteins and restores cellular immunity. The immune system recognizes everything harmful to the body. A healthy immune system is able to immediately attack and destroy diseased cells. However, there are cases when the patient simply can no longer tolerate the procedures and for him the treatment not only does not work, but also becomes toxic. The biggest advantage of Imunofan is that it overcomes this. Cells have their own mechanism of intoxication. They have to throw out the garbage, the poisons, so that there is no tragic turn. When this transport purification system is activated, then the cells are not affected by the drugs. They discard them and this is the so-called multiple drug resistance syndrome. It consists in the fact that not one, but all drugs are rejected by the cells, because the mechanism is universal, regardless of whether the drug is harmful or useful. The patient receives a full course of chemotherapy, but cannot count on a good therapeutic effect. The reason is related to multiple drug resistance. The drug stops working, causes a powerful chemical reaction and chemotherapy becomes impossible. However, Imunofan overcomes this syndrome and restores the sensitivity of cells to the healing effect of chemotherapy. Due to this, a powerful effect of drugs in the treatment of cancer is achieved.

– Can addiction to this preparation develop?

– In the last 15 years we have had over 50 million patients and such dependence has not been described so far.

– Where is it produced and can it be found in Bulgaria?

– Produced by the research and production enterprise “BIONOX” in Moscow. In Bulgaria it can be found through our Official Representative Bionox AN Ltd., in the pharmacy network or by ordering the site on the Internet – As a price it is more affordable compared to other similar preparations.

– Is there an analogue of your preparation?

– There is no analogue of Imunofan in the world.

– How did you find Imunofan, which brought you world fame?

– 40 years ago I started to create preparations based on amino acid compounds and I can say that I am doing well. In order to create a new preparation, there must be an active substance that will have a therapeutic effect. A new class of biologically active compounds was discovered – a synthetic hexapeptide. It turned out that these compounds have completely new, unique, unusual properties. They restore only the damaged functions in the diseased cells, but do not affect the healthy ones. We decided that the preparations based on their action will be effective and harmless. That’s how it turned out in practice. Then Imunofan appeared. Its creation, as sometimes happens in life, happened after a mistake.

– So it’s not just a legend that due to the mistake of a laboratory assistant a new preparation appeared?

– The laboratory assistant’s mistake led to the hitherto unknown synthetic hexapeptide. Suddenly we noticed that the biological activity of the substance increased 1000 times more. So, as if with the finger of fate, we created the preparation Imunofan. All the preparations I created were the result of “mistakes”, the result of an unusual coincidence. Imunofan consists of 6 amino acids, and proteins are made up of 20 types of amino acids, and to find the most active, you will have to study hundreds, thousands of variants. If I walked this path, neither my life nor that of my descendants would be enough. Pushkin said it best – “And by chance, God is an inventor.” Coincidence helps, but you also need determination, perseverance, a lot of work and, of course, a team. Only one scientist, only one inventor cannot do it alone.

– It is no secret that security services develop or are the first customers of advanced technologies. What is the role of the FSB in the discovery of the drug?

– Our laboratory cooperates with the FSB, I do not see anything strange, anything unusual or bad in this. There are such services all over the world.

– And what experiments did you conduct with the FSB officers?

– In the beginning, speculations appeared in the media – experiments were made on FSB agents, and they, poor as experimental mice, reluctantly accepted them. However, this is not the case. Before we started applying the drug on associates, he had passed all the necessary and mandatory tests. As is known, the special services perform tasks related to extreme stress – both physical and moral. Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs as a result of mental stress and severe emotional and physical stress. They trigger severe, difficult-to-treat diseases. Among this contingent in all countries there is a high percentage of people suffering from various types of mental disorders. They are also more vulnerable because they have a very strong sense of duty and responsibility. The highest suicide rate is also among intelligence officers. This is the case in every country. We started using Imunofan for the purpose of rehabilitation of the employees and we got very high results from the treatment with this preparation. They have returned to work, although in the world most of this type of people perform one or only a few tasks and end.

– Can you tell a specific story.

– No, I would not like it, because it is not ethical for patients.

– How did Putin treat your laboratory?

– At the time when we were developing Imunofan, Vladimir Putin was the director of the FSB. He took great care of the FSB officers and supported us a lot. After conducting the clinical trials at the FSB, we also have a letter of thanks.

– Your preparation has long been interesting for the secret services. Didn’t that complicate your relationship with your colleagues around the world?

– I have contacts with scientists from all over the world, we live in a common world. I have never interrupted my contacts and joint work with colleagues from the USA, Europe and other countries around the world. In addition, post-traumatic stress disorder affects a wide range of people, both special services staff who perform complex and dangerous missions and businessmen, officials, all of whom are subjected to constant stress.

– You are also developing a new preparation, what is it?