Imunofan Spray


IMUNOFAN is a preparation, which acts as a shield for the human organism. It modulates the immune system and has favourable influence on a wide range of diseases – chronic diseases, allergies, hepatitis B and C, urological and gyneacological diseases, stubborn infections, chemo- and ray therapies.


IMUNOFAN has the following advantages:

  • Corrects and strengthens the immune system in the event of a breakdown or the appearance of malignant tumors
  • Restores the balance of redox processes in the human body
  • Enhances the effect in the treatment of cancer with other drugs, eliminating the possibility of multiple drug resistance
  • Deactivates free radicals and suppresses negative drug effects at the cellular level

IMUNOFAN is the world’s first product that eliminates multiple drug resistance. It occurs during long courses of chemotherapy, when the body begins to reject drugs and the treatment loses its effectiveness. IMUNOFAN restores the sensitivity of cells to the healing effect of chemotherapy and enhances the effect of treatment.

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